Transportation management across a multi-modal network including air, land, and sea provides the needed visibility to critical passenger and cargo movement. Often there are multiple stakeholders from varying organizations involved in each move. Telesto Group is able to provide the technology and processes needed to manage this movement in an efficient and informative way.

Telesto Group has experience in bringing disparate carriers and modes together to improve the customer’s cost-effective visibility to the services being provided both by internal partners and those external to their organization. We successfully handle the integration challenges to achieve an end-to-end view of movement requirements, available capacity, and related financial transactions. This allows for a transparent, fully auditable trace of every movement.

Creating innovative solutions to global transportation challenges 

Changing how a company manages its transportation isn’t just a technology initiative. Process and organizational changes are also necessary to achieve the optimal client solution. Telesto Group’s background in decades of addressing people, process, and technology provides the proven methodology to bring about the needed change.