The Operations Control Center (OCC) is SAP’s recommended methodology for efficient SAP operations. The methodology is also called “Run SAP like a Factory”. The OCC ensures highly automated and proactive operation, resulting in reduced operation costs, improved IT services, and increased business satisfaction. The OCC is closely integrated with the Innovation Control Center (ICC) and the SAP Mission Control Center (MCC).

The OCC is a central, on-site IT support entity that proactively monitors the productive SAP environment (non-SAP applications can be also included). SAP recommends setting up a physical room within the IT support organization.

An Operations Control Center consists of:

  • A set of central monitors and dash-boards, which permanently report the status of the business processes and related IT landscapes
  • An infrastructure, which pro-actively monitors the solution 24×7 without manual effort, and which triggers and correlates alerts in case of problems. The alerts are bundled in an alert inbox.
  • Another line of support regrouping a small team of operators, who work on the alerts in a standardized way:
    • By performing pre-configured simple analysis procedures (Guided Procedures)
    • Or converting the alert into an incident / service request for processing by the next level support.
  • A continuous optimization process to approach in a structured way pain points which are really hurting the business and/or IT by:
    • Identifying areas of improvements
    • Establishing KPIS and measurement goals for each area of improvements
    • Managing the necessary optimization initiatives
    • Monitoring the achievements and defining new areas of improvements