Telesto Group is on the forefront of helping entities make the move from SAP on-premise solutions to SAP in the cloud.  We facilitate the cloud services acquisition and can work as a reseller when it is most convenient to our clients.  We are also instrumental in establishing and maintaining cloud operations allowing for seamless scalability while maintaining data privacy.

Tool and technologies

Cyber security in the cloud requires expert implementation and support

Cyber security is a major concern for all of our clients and is often used as a reason to avoid moving to the cloud.  Telesto Group maintains its NIST SP800-171 compliance while also making sure our clients’ data is protected according to the level of data security mandated.  With requirements frequently changing, Telesto Group stays on top of data security needs and often helps our clients understand how their work processes must change in order to meet their mandated compliance standards.  Telesto Group also works with cloud providers to ensure that the chosen environment continues to meet the security levels promised. Our deep technical knowledge, understanding of the user experience, and strong relationship with our cloud provider partners make Telesto Group the easy choice when transitioning to cloud-based operations.